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The Muffin Has Landed… 17, June 2008

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, General Wittering, Humour, Life and living, Play, Pregnancy Issues.
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More crash landed to be honest. All is well, except I had to spend FIVE NIGHTS in hospital.

Fucking hell!

Lots of good breastfeeding tips though.

Yes I will be blogging about the whole birth experience because it was fairly amazing and there are a few things I have to say about wind which nobody ever tells you and you ought to know…

No more spoilers now.

A little more info when I’m a little more compos. Suffice it to say Muffin did arrive on my birthday… and yeh, he’s cool!



1. Kat - 17, June 2008

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ve been waiting for news. You sound quite chipper, and I’m so happy for you. 😀

2. noble savage - 17, June 2008

Congrats BC and welcome to the world, Muffin! Can’t wait to hear details and how you’re getting on. 🙂


3. flyingrowan - 17, June 2008

WELL DONE!! I’ve been following all your blogs over the last few months and I’m so pleased it seems to have gone smoothly and you’ve finally met your little one after all that pain! Looking forward to the birth update with crossed legs x

4. Geldoff - 17, June 2008

VERY happy to hear that you and Blueberry are both well, BC, and that the waiting is finally over for you. Despite your agonising trials and tribulations, your desire for parenthood has triumphed and your child will not want for good parents. Your welcome news restores belief in patience and determination and you are both to be applauded for not giving up; weaker people might have despaired. Wishing you all many happy times ahead.


5. Susie - 17, June 2008

Zillions of congrats, I chose a good time to check your news. Baby boys are fab and very cuddly! xxxx

6. Steff - 17, June 2008

Wow, very many congragulations, most excellent news and cannot wait to hear all about Muffin’s arrival! xo

7. liberrydwarf - 18, June 2008


8. Mrs. Nicklebee - 18, June 2008

Congratulations, BC and Mr. BC!!!! Welcome to the world, Muffin!!! I am so happy for you!!! 😀

9. Dru - 18, June 2008

I can’t really add much to that, except *hugs* 😀

10. Geldoff - 18, June 2008

Right. We need to be thinking about names. The clear favourite is obviously “Little Geldoff” but to provide objectivity you should probably consider other names as well. Before choosing Little Geldoff. 😉


11. Bill Howdle - 18, June 2008

Congratulations on the big event in your lives. Looking forward to you sharing more about the little one.

12. cataclismical - 19, June 2008

Congratulations!! I think I may miss the “giving birth” blogs 😉

13. ali - 20, June 2008

hooray BC! 😀 i wonder how the cat feels about the Muffin..

14. Joe Drinker - 20, June 2008

Congratulations BC! Been feeling guilty for not having the opportunity to “check in” on you.

Now let the real baby chaos begin!

15. babychaos - 20, June 2008

Thanks everyone! We are gradually settling in together, my parents have been here this week which was very nice as they have helped prepare meals, etc… On our own next week! We will see what happens then… I will be more able to visit my blog though.

So far he seems to be a very laid back little soul… hoping that continues…



16. babychaos - 20, June 2008

Ah yes and PS.. names… Thomas, George, Richard.

17. noble savage - 21, June 2008

Aggghh! Dying for more details…Yes, I’m totally selfish. 😉

Glad to hear that things are going well and that have help around. Good luck deciding on a name!

18. GeekLady - 21, June 2008

Congratulations on the new Muffin, BC! Also, now that he’s official, I need a way to mail you your new baby present!

19. bewilderedhousewife - 24, June 2008

Hi… congratulations!

PS I just tagged you for a meme 🙂

20. bewilderedhousewife - 25, June 2008

P.P.S. 13 days old? Holy… I am so excited for you. Hope you are managing at least SOME sleep. Also, thanks for the tips on wording our lots in life… I think I shall borrow them.


21. Mrs. Nicklebee - 25, June 2008

That’s nice that your parents have been able to be with you and help you with day to day stuff as you recover and get to know Muffin, er, Little Geldoff. LOL

Thomas, George and Richard are all great names. 🙂

22. noble savage - 27, June 2008

Still no updates?!! C’mon BC, we’re dying over here!

23. babychaos - 30, June 2008

After we’ve had our lunch today, I hope to finish it. I’m half way through…



24. Rua MacTírean - 6, July 2008

Well done momma chaos! Congrats

25. emonome | Congratulations, Babychaos! - 13, July 2008

[…] a dumbass for getting to this almost a month late. BC has been a regular reader of my blog and has given birth to a boy. I have never read a labor story like […]

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