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Advertising how it should be… 16, July 2008

Posted by babychaos in Art, General Wittering, Humour, Light Fluff, Play.
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Ok, crappy perfume advertisers pedalling bollocks, sellers of lard with made up names in it – yes laboratoire garnier with your nipozoniolipononyipids and other shite… All those stupid people who use advertising to make us feel shit about ourselves so we buy their crappy products out of desperation or fear… all those makers of wear these clothes, this perfume, drive this car, eat this chocolate and you’ll be shagged rigid every night for the rest of your life tossers… all those use our product or you will die dick cheeses, French – the joke was NEVER Fcuking funny – Connection et al…

THIS is how to make an advert. That is; without disrespecting or undermining anyone, without setting impossible goals of perfection, free from condescension and pretension, by being clever, original and witty.

Oh… um if you haven’t seen Thunderbirds – the original Gerry Anderson 1960s TV version, re-run in 1990 and 2000, as opposed to the film – you may not get that this is Brains, out of Thunderbirds… which will be a pity.



1. liberrydwarf - 16, July 2008

Ooh, very very clever! If only because I spent 1:20 of that 1:30 trying really hard to work out what the ad might possibly be for, and bottled water was a bit out of left field!

If you’re into ads (and the witty dissecting thereof) there’s a treat on my blog that might interest you today…

2. Iain Hall - 16, July 2008

I dug that very much a truly cute Ad 😀

3. babychaos - 17, July 2008

Liberrydwarf – loved the vid about cats best! I couldn’t work out what it was for to start with, or even whether or not it was an ad.

Ian Hall, thanks, glad you liked it!

Cheers all


4. Mrs. Nicklebee - 18, July 2008

Very clever ad! 🙂

5. Brian - 22, July 2008

Agreed, this is absolutely what advertising should be! As my wife will attest, I spend a lot of time grumbling about snarky, condescending, smug ads on the tellie. This is more than an ad, it’s art!

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