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Living with a newborn… number 63, timing… 17, July 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living.
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Muffin’s timing sucks but we still love him.

A friend blew in the other day, with immaculate synchronisation, just as I was about to feed him and at the moment I’m not really ready to feed in front of anyone else – if you hadn’t quite mastered riding a bike you wouldn’t join an exhibition cycling team… same deal – so I turfed her out and explained it would be lovely to see her another time but that if she rang first, I’d probably have a handle on whether I’d be around and if not, when.

A couple of days later, just as I was about to start feeding my tiny lord and master, she did ring… not to find out a good time to visit but from right outside my back door!

“I didn’t want to knock in case I woke the baby.”  Clearly a few minutes of Ian Dury (my ringtone) is fine though.

This is not exactly what I meant when I suggested she rang in advance.  I was thinking more of hours than minutes.

Contrast with today’s visitor who asks if I’m around this morning before 1.00 – yes, I am – so he’s going to drop in for a cup of coffee between 11.00 and 1.00.  So much easier!



1. noble savage - 17, July 2008

Ugh, I hated it when people did that to me when my daughter was a baby. Doubly worse is that I use my phone as my clock at night and since my kiddo slept in the room with us, a late night text message or phone call would ruin that night’s sleep entirely. Unfortunately, some people have no clue when it comes to these things and so you will have to spell it out for her in no uncertain terms: if you want to see me, phone at least two hours in advance, text again when you’re near and I’ll tell you if it’s still a good time. Prepare her for the fact that you might say ‘no, it’s not a good time, actually, sorry.’

2. Mrs. Nicklebee - 18, July 2008

Yeah, what noble savage said. It’s nice to have the freedom to say NO when you’re not quite proficient at “riding a bike”, as it were.

It’s nice to “see” you, BC. 🙂 I hope everything is going well.


3. GeekLady - 22, July 2008


4. magneto bold too - 31, July 2008

Um, what was the point in calling? Wonder if she is a little challenged in the social skillz department…

5. B - 3, August 2008

Amen sista! What about me with the cones attached to my breasts and someone knocking at the door? I have to fumble around and try to get all together without dropping any milk….


6. Mrs. Nicklebee - 5, August 2008

Hey BC!

I was just about to call to see if I could swing by for a quick look at Muffin, but as I was fumbling with my phone at your back door, I noticed that you were busy. Maybe some other time. 😀

I hope things are going well! 🙂


7. babychaos - 10, August 2008

B, Phnark! I sympathise, we now have our house on the market, too, just to complicate things!

Mrs N… ho ho! Yep all is fine and dandy but busy… very busy.



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