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Babychaos… finally 10, August 2008

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Hmm, well just a brief note to let you all know I’m still alive. Just about getting this baby thing off pat now, although we have to go to so many places and do so much stuff – post natal group, check ups, shots… they always crop up just as the poor little man’s dropped off to sleep.  Even so, I can still do more stuff than I expected, or will be able to do when he gets older, I suspect.

Good news, for the last week he has slept right through the night and though he takes a small eternity to feed, about an hour, at least I get a good long gap between. He would feed faster if he didn’t have to keep stopping and smiling beatifically up at me… but it melts my heart so how can I chide him for that?

My life is feeding, playing games and singing Old Macdonald Had a Farm very loudly – a firm favourite this one, junior appears to love the animal noises… oh yes and milk. Don’t forget milk.

There is something mildly humorous about breast feeding, not doing it but the whole milk thing is inherently comic. I appreciate that I’ll be the only person who thinks this but it’s the truth… Friends pop round, we make a cup of tea and I offer them some milk… you can see the worry crossing their faces, would she do that to me?

Yes! Mwah ha ha haargh! Actually, no. But I do enjoy saying.

“I hope this is enough milk, we don’t have much left… or at least, we do have a lot of milk but not the kind of milk you’d want to drink…” and watching them look harassed.

The other day, I had what can only be described as a milk attack. BC Minor made it known that he would like to have a meal, NOW. However, I can only feed him one breast at a time so while he is beasting one, the other tends to ooze copiously.

No worries, I put on a smashing breast milk collecting cup (yes, such things really exist, these are yet another indispensable item I have bought, pretty much by mistake, at a car boot sale) but oh no! They are the other side of the room. Putting junior down – much to his rage but I tell him all good things come to patient boys who are prepared to wait – I get up and go over to get one. Horror of horrors my boobs are pouring like a leaky bucket and I leave a trail of milk to the table and back. The mess is indescribable and I can’t help laughing.

I’m big and he’s little so I have to hold the boob up a bit when I give him a meal. Back in position, I lift it and it squirts milk in alarm like an angry cuttlefish. I guffaw and even Mini BC smiles.

Then there’s the lumps. Since I started. So at my six week check I raise my inability to massage away my blocked milk ducts. The doctor refers me to the breast clinic for a check up. One is small and hard like a pea and if it’s not a blocked duct… well we all know what that description means… Over the week we have some very hot weather and Mini BC pretty much drinks me dry three days running. The scary pea-like lump goes, hoorah! But there’s a big squishy one still very much in evidence.

I brick it all week, so much so that Mr BC kindly comes to the clinic with me. I am examined and yes there is a worrying lump, I am given an ultrasound. Phew, it’s a harmless cyst, the consultant offers to drain it – she says it will be a good idea anyway so she can see what’s in there.

They stick a needle in and what comes out?



Lots of it.

We laugh and I go home happy.

On top of Milk, the other thing dominating my life is tidying up. Yes, gluttons for punishment that we are, we’ve put our house on the market. We must be fricking mad! Well, no, we’re not, we’ve just found one we really like. Same kind of thing, regency town house, only bigger, detached and with a slightly larger garden. Everything we love about this house but more rooms so no more worries about sticking the rellies in expensive B&Bs or that they are too old and decrepit to sleep on a futon in the boy’s room.

Needless to say there are people who can buy it without selling their house so there’s no point in getting all excited about it as they’ll merely up their offer until we have to go away. We’ve put our house on the market anyway, though and if it doesn’t work out, well… it wasn’t meant to be.

So although I’ve hardly been here and am missing reading your blogs at least now you know where I’ve been.  I’ll be back eventually but for now Milk Management, Finding Things I’ve hidden er sorry put away to make the house look large, spacious and uncluttered (some hope) and generally trying to keep the place tidy have been sucking in all my time.

Never mind, I’ve nearly finished my novel and I’ve worked out how it ends!

Ah… now Junior is stirring. And so… to open the milk bar…



1. Kat - 10, August 2008

Hehe, I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. You’re brave to be planning a move so soon after giving birth. I’d freak out if I had to do it, and I had mine last year! Love the milk stories. Nothing like seeing breasts spurting like geysers to horrify the (my) hubby. I eagerly await your nappy bomb stories. 😀

2. babychaos - 12, August 2008

Mmm… so far the nappy bombs have been reasonably containable… mainly because they come in two parts so you can change the nappy between salvos and contain all the er… outpourings… Not only that but I can’t believe the volume of the farts and burps that come out of that tiny frame!



3. lea_alissa - 14, August 2008

yay to the endless milk supply! I hope it goes on and on until mini BC doesn’t need it anymore. 🙂

nice to know you’re doing well! 🙂

4. Mrs. Nicklebee - 14, August 2008

I’m glad to hear you’re doing well and feeling ambitious! Mini BC sounds like a precious little sweetie. 🙂

About the gas, Mr. N. always says, “Farts are always funny.” Well, he doesn’t say that quite as much since the littlest N began farting on the other male N’s. Hopefully mini BC will be more refined than the Nicklebees*. 😉

Thanks for updating! 🙂

5. GeekLady - 22, August 2008

I feel your leaking pain, although I find breastfeeding rather fascinating… I hope Mini BC is growing well!

I’m impressed that you have time to think about moving! We’re starting to think about it, and it fills me with fear – I spend most of my day with GeekBaby firmly attached to me in one way, shape, or form. He doesn’t like it when mommy puts him down. Plus side, I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer…

6. Bill Howdle - 31, August 2008

Had to stop by and check in on the new mommy. Glad to hear all is going well. A tiring hectic time, but such a wonderful time.
Glad things worked out at the clinic.
You are in my thoughts

7. babychaos - 1, September 2008

Ah Geek Lady, I too am completely fascinated by it, hence my banging on about it incessantly! Congratulations on arrival of mini-Geek by the way! How could I have missed that. Ah if only I had time at the computer. Breast feeding still takes two hands so it’s back copies of Dr Who on BBCi or nothing.

Bill many thanks for stopping by I hope you are well and all is fine and dandy with you!

Apologies to both of you – and everyone else, for my complete inability to read anyone else’s blogs at the moment… let alone write this one!



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