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Peace… 6, September 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living.
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The little fellow is gradually dozing off beside me – I hope – he doesn’t always get fully to sleep. The cat is sitting beside me dozing, too and I am thoroughly tempted to join them… but the house sale is going through, we are moving in three weeks and I need to pack…

Small man has just hoovered every last drop from me and I am trashed. When Hop on Pop feels like War and Peace you know you’re knackered.

I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Addendum. I am now sitting typing and my boy and Mr Cat are asleep. Boy on a mat Mr Cat on Mr BC’s clean washing (oh dear).

One of them is snoring…

It’s Mr Cat.



1. GeekLady - 6, September 2008

ah, count your blessings, my dear 🙂

GeekBaby will only drift off like that if I’m holding or wearing him… and he’s outgrown both my newborn carriers. Not so good for the typing…

2. Emon - 6, September 2008

Heh heh…Mr. Cat snoring…I’ve heard dogs snore but never a cat. Unless, of course, Boy is a ventriloquist.

3. Kat - 7, September 2008

Must admit, I took one look at the number of pages in Hop on Pop, and I suggested we read But Not The Hippopotamus instead.

4. B - 9, September 2008

Small man has hoovered every drop…. that got me laughing so hard I couldn’t stop!!!!

5. babychaos - 12, September 2008

Geeklady, luckily the nipper is very little.
Emon, I love the idea of him being a ventriloquist
Kat, I find Green Eggs and Ham easier
B, always glad to make you laugh. Hope things are getting less fraught with the rellies!



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