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You know you’ve had a baby when… 12, September 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering.
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If you ever want somebody to have a lobotomy it is easier for all concerned if, instead, you can persuade them to have a baby.  Clearly I gave birth to what little brain I had with the baby… whatever happened it’s gone.  Let’s just hope it’s found somewhere nice.

Here in Britain we have to pay tax to have a car.  To prove you’ve paid they give you a disc which you must display in the windscreen.  This year, for the first time, I was able to apply for mine on line (hoorah, no 40 minutes queuing at the post office).  I didn’t have to send them anything and a few days later a new disc duly arrived.

I put it in my pocket so I’d put it in my car next time I drove anywhere.  I then proceeded to forget to put it in the holder in my windscreen every fricking time I got into my car… and then Junior was sick all down my trousers and I washed them.  With the disc in.

I’ve washed money before, British money launders rather well.  My tax disc, on the other hand, dissolved.  Even though I remembered, stopped the machine, fished my trousers out and had a look, there was nothing there but dust.  With silver bits in.

Oh dear.

I had to reapply, from a different government department, who needed me to send them the ownership document too (bah!).

Oh well…

In a small space, I had to say why it was destroyed.

“Put in trouser pocket, baby was sick on trousers, washed trousers, disc destroyed, does not launder like money.”

They sent a new one back by return.



1. Kat - 13, September 2008

I’ll bet you made someone’s laugh in that government department.

2. flyingrowan - 14, September 2008

I’ll bet! Hehe, this sounds like something I’d already do.. god knows what’ll happen when I have kids..

3. babychaos - 16, September 2008

Kat, I hope I did – I always think it must be very souless working in any Government department…

Flyingrowan, whatever happens it’ll be a laugh!



4. GeekLady - 17, September 2008

…I was going to ask why you didn’t save some space by subsituting ‘pants’ for trousers. Then I remembered what ‘pants’ is a Britishism for, and I giggled.

5. Mrs. Nicklebee - 8, October 2008

I’m glad you were able to get that straightened out without too much trouble.

How is Little Geldoff these days? 🙂

6. Kat - 27, October 2008

Hey, BC, just wanted to see how you’re going. Hope things are well and that you’re just too busy enjoying the baby to blog. 🙂

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