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Moving and other joys… 28, October 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering.
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How long does it take to sort out an internet connection in a new house.  Yep, that’s right.  29 Days.

Oh if only I’d been merely enjoying the baby.

We’ve had a flood, the boiler (furnace if you’re american) goes out constantly and after explaining that he needed a week off to move house Mr BC’s client-shaped slices of bread and butter refused to leave him alone.  We moved on the Friday, he worked on the Saturday, we unpacked together on the Sunday, he was away on the Monday and on Tuesday he buggered off abroad on business (first time EVER well… he’s been once before but that was pretend business and was more of a jolly with a dash of business justification thrown in).

Glad it’s a nice house but it was a bit of a shock to go from seven rooms to seven bedrooms.  I couldn’t even collect the cat because there isn’t room for him, me and the boy in my car.

We have an electric cooker with gas burners and no power for the electric bit… still… after a month.

Although we do now have a working phone and the internet.

Moral of this story.

Never move house unless you absolutely have to.

Oh yes and don’t do business with the French.



1. GeekLady - 28, October 2008

Good heavens! I hope our move doesn’t go like that.

I’m glad to have you back, I’ve missed you.

2. Bill Howdle - 29, October 2008

It is nice to see you back. In our Canadian banking system you get transferred from city to city or town very often. I think this is the 26th different home I have lived in. I think I am almost an expert at packing and unpacking. Wish I could have been there to give you a hand.
Glad all is settling in for you

3. babychaos - 30, October 2008

Geek lady, frankly, it can’t, if you wrote it up without any changes and made it into a sitcom it’d be panned for being unrealistic.

Bill, I wish you had been, poor old Mr BC did most of it on his own!



4. Mrs. Nicklebee - 1, November 2008

Welcome back, BC! It’s nice to “see” you!

I’m sorry your move has been hairy. I hope the mechanics of your new place improve soon!

How’s that baby??

5. babychaos - 3, November 2008

Ah Mrs N, it wasn’t so bad! 😉 The baby is flourishing and getting lovelier every day!



6. Geldoff - 8, November 2008

Glad you’re a bit more settled now – and all that time without t’interweb how did you cope???

Only 7 bedrooms? Where will you put Her Madge’s 2nd and 3rd under-foot-butlermen? 🙂

7. mrsmetaphor - 20, November 2008

7 bedrooms? Good grief! I think I’ll come and move in with you. : )

8. susie - 14, December 2008

Wow life sounds manic! You’ll have to have a few more bambinos to fill all those bedrooms now ;o)

Sounds like you’re a happy mum!

9. babychaos - 16, December 2008

Ah Mr G, we are but we have had a lot of frightening quotes to replace our knackered heating system and of course, the house belongs to a bank, which in the current climate is always a little unsettling! But yes we are settled now. 7 bedrooms yes but only three beds! And a cot!

Mrs M – I know it’s a bit shocking! Our old house had 7 rooms and one of those was a lavatory!

Susie – yes life is definitely large and yes re the bambinos although Mr BC is adamant that one is enough. If I don’t manage to persuade him at least the one in question is a great character. I’d love to try and make him a little sister though… 😉

Cheers all


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