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Geek baby? 19, January 2009

Posted by babychaos in baby stuff, Life and living, Play.

Yesterday I phoned the BC parents.  Best Boy was on the sofa beside me as usual, wriggling about while I kept a hand on him to stop him going over the edge.

Suddenly, tinny and small, I hear the voice of uncle BC.  Yes, while on to Mum and Dad on the big phone, he has found my mobile and phoned my brother.  I had been trying to get hold of him all day and boy nails him first time!


Mr BC is out and I have just finished half a bottle of very decent wine.  I am full of bonhomie!

Very excited.  Have decided things like facebook are a good way of keeping in touch but need to do so without opening computer and subjecting keyboard to attentions of Best Boy.

A few days ago, he was grabbing happily at the keys and I was typing away, not taking much notice when I glanced down and realised the function key had gone awol.  Glanced at boy and saw function key just going into mouth.  Rescued function key, found little springy plastic thing and reassembled… boy is clearly going to be a geek.  Not surprising, he comes from a family of engineers on his dad’s side and even on mine there are a sprinkling.

So… have kitted myself out with a touch screen internetty type of phone.

Bizarrely, though my mobile company will provide new customers with a free internet touch screen phone, unlimited internet access and texts for £35 a month this isn’t open to all existing customers and is only available with that specific handset.


Never mind.  Even buying the phone to get the price plan is cheaper than carrying on the way I am.  So I have.  Over the life of the contract that works out cheaper than upgrading to a free phone.  Strange but handy.

Let’s hope it works….



1. GeekLady - 20, January 2009

GeekBaby spent a whole morning watching musical tesla coil videos on YouTube, and is fascinated by keyboards (although he doesn’t take them apart yet.)

I feel you pain. Only it’s vaguely like amusement.

2. Rua MacTírean - 20, January 2009

“Mr BC is out and I have just finished half a bottle of very decent wine.” good to see you’re not getting boring

3. babychaos - 21, January 2009

Geek lady, I think it’s the lovely noise the keys make when my fingers press down on them…

Rua, until about… well, probably 4 or 5 years ago, most of my friends were far prissier, conservative and generally easy to shock than my parents. This says more about my parents than it does about my friends – I want to be like them. A natural rebel until I’m too old to be arsed any more!



4. Michael Tim - 28, February 2009

I love your site!

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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