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Pardon my absence… 12, March 2009

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, writing.

Busy have I been this last few months… why I wrote that like Yoda I don’t know.

I’ve completed my novel – part one of a trilogy, when I say complete, it’s pretty much finished, too, I think.  So what’s the next step?

Find an agent.

This is the scary bit.  A decent submission letter takes time and thought.  I have neither.   There aren’t many agents who deal with children’s fantasy fiction in the UK, either, so I don’t have many shots before I’m out…

And the knotty problem is this.

I need an agent to sell my book for me because I am absolutely rubbish at sales.

Therein lies the catch.  You see, I need to write an absolutely shit-hot at sales letter to persuade an agent to look at my book.

So in order to procure the services of somebody who will do something I’m really bad at for me, I’ve got to be really good at it.

Arse!  That’s a big pisser.

Especially when I’m trying to write the bloody thing in 10 minute windows.

Never mind, onwards and upwards.

Mini me is crawling and walking furniture aided – I believe this is called couch surfing.  He has his first pair of shoes, no teeth and though clearly willful, is still a smiler.  Life is pretty good.



1. Kat - 13, March 2009

Have you looked through some of the agent blogs? They give great advice on query letters and what not to do.Nathan Bransford is my favourite, and he has links to other good agent blogs.

And if you ever need beta readers… 😀

2. babychaos - 13, March 2009

Ta me dear! His bunch, I think it’s his bunch, are on my a list.



3. GeekLady - 13, March 2009

Woo, he crawls! GeekBaby is doing pretty much the same, crawling and furniture surfing, but he has 6 teeth, so nursing him is something like nursing a rabid badger sometimes.

Oh, and he’s ripped an outlet plate off the wall. We’re still boggling at that one.

4. Mrs. Nicklebee - 13, March 2009

Hi BC!

Nice job getting that far with your novel! 🙂

I can’t believe it has been long enough for mini you to furniture surf already. He’s growing right up, as they tend to do more of as soon as your back is turned.


5. babychaos - 29, March 2009

Mrs Geek power to you, there’s no way I’d nurse with teeth, however effecatious the effects!

Mrs N Thanks, and yeh, he’s growing like weeds!



6. GeekLady - 6, April 2009

My experience with nursing with teeth is that there was one really bad month where he’d just gotten the teeth and didn’t know he could do things with them that would cause his mommy to screech in pain. Scared him silly whenever I did that, so he learned not to bite very, very quickly.

In regards to your book, have you thought about some of the self publishing services available?

babychaos - 6, April 2009

Screaming would probably make mini-me laugh! I have thought about self publishing I think I might know a small publisher who would give me some advice about what to do with it, too!

Here’s hoping anyway.

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