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Childcare… 2, April 2009

Posted by babychaos in baby stuff.
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There’s a very funny comedian here who talks about having kids.  He has two kids of one and three and he describes his days like this.

“My wife takes on child and I take the other and at the end of the day we meet up.  ‘Is yours still alive?’  I ask,  ‘Yes,’ she says.  ‘Is yours?’  ‘Yes,’ I say.  Then we go to bed and in the night we suddenly get paranoid and rush into their rooms to check they are still breathing.”

Something like that, or close.

Today we are outside for 10 minutes.  Mini BC pulls a large leaf off a sage bush and stuffs it in his mouth.  After about 5 minutes chewing I remove it.  A few moments later he crawls across the patio and pops something else into his mouth.  A large stone.

“I can see we’re going to have trouble keeping this one alive.”  Says Mr BC.

My son has an enquiring mind, is a complete fidget and has no sense of self preservation.  My doppleganger, then.


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