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Babychaos… in church 7, April 2009

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Picture the scene…

Church, at the altar for communion.

I am kneeling and boy is standing at the altar rail in front of me. He gets his blessing and it’s a bit of a reach for the vicar to hand me the wafer so I decide it would be better, come wine time, to be closer in.

I move Mini Me up so he is sitting on the rail.

I notice a distinct tension in the lady administering the chalice and as it touches my lips I realise it’s jiggling.

Eyes down.  Yes.  A tiny hand his holding the bottom with a grip of iron and yanking it up and down.

Afterwards, when I apologise, she tells me cheerfully that she always keeps a strong hold of the chalice after seeing a slightly more mobile youngster grab it and run off with it!

Mini Me may be like a wasp in a bottle but at least he isn’t doing that kind of stuff yet.



1. GeekLady - 7, April 2009

Wow, that makes the story of GeekBaby burping loudly during a moment of silence seem absolutely tame. 🙂

babychaos - 7, April 2009

Ah but it depends where or when…



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