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Are you a lonely mum? You can end the drought… 1, May 2009

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My poor brain has been an arid place recently.  On the whole, being a full time Mum is good but intellectual stimulation is thin on the ground, conversations tend to be interrupted and mostly revolve around mini BC.  This is natural and picking other people’s brains, discovering how they cope with phase x, y or z is how I find my way through the maze of motherhood.

The way to cope is to make sure you go out a lot, make lots of phone calls to people on speakerphone, keep the e-mails coming etc…

A few weeks ago, though, it got me down.  I was very lonely.  My mobile was broken which made communication tricky, most trysts are arranged by text.  None were getting to me.  The hormones, the knee and the SPD were tricky – still too much relaxin in the system – and I was blue.  In the company of my small companion all day, I felt strangely isolated.

“Radio 4.”  Said my Mum.  “Seriously, you won’t believe the difference it makes.”

It’s good, I know.  It’s always been on in the background at home but it’s always distracted me from the conversation or from writing so I’ve always turned it off.  What can I lose if I try it?

In my precious spare minutes I research digital radios on the web.  They are all very small or very expensive.  I narrow it down to two, both about £70, a Roberts solar powered one or a Freeplay.  Eventually I find the Freeplay one for £65 (with the postage and VAT in) and plump for that on the grounds that on Amazon, it is mentioned as having slightly better sound quality than the Roberts one.

Today, charged and ready, I switch it on.  I listen to a history of thalidimide, an interview with a successful and very interesting TV producer, a report into whether or not Olympic Committee officials should have a special lane to themselves in 2012 and a little bit of news.

It is like oxygen.  It is like water.  My parched brain thirstily drinks in the information as if it had been dying.   I hadn’t realised how starved of stimulation it was until now.  I feel different, lighter, happier and a lot less boring, I have things to talk about now which are not small, blonde and very cute…  I feel normal, in a very good way.

Yeh.  Radio 4.  I recommend it.



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 3, May 2009

I’m glad you found something to add some color and flavor to your life. 🙂 I can relate to that isolated feeling, which is more common when the kids are little than when they’re older, when they’re easier to take places and do things, if it helps.


Mrs. N*

2. flyingrowan - 4, May 2009

Yeah! Its great, I found it helped stave off the feeling of malaise and monotony when I didn’t want to be doing my degree…and it’s brilliant when I can’t tolerate real people but need some kind of stimulation 🙂 Niceone BC!

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