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Amazing News… 13, May 2009

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering.
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At the beginning of Radio 4 news we hear a recording (?) or live feed (?) of Big Ben.

Right now this is perfectly in sync with my watch…  or do I mean my watch is perfectly in sync with Big Ben.

Every time I hear the news I get a childish pleasure of looking at my watch as the chime begins and watching as the second hand hits minute and the minute hand hits the hour at the precise same moment I hear that first Bong…

Ah the thrill, the illicit OCD pleasure!  My watch is in tune with Big Ben… and the pips… although of course, after the next 30 day month this is unlikely to happen again.

I’ll have to change the date which is on the same knob as the time and everything’ll stop while I do it.  I can’t see myself actually doing this by design… ever!



1. GeekLady - 14, May 2009

oh that is incredibly cool! And also reason to never have a watch that tells the date!

Take heart, BC, I’d screw such an event up within a day or two – my watch is a manual wind, and I forget to wind it routinely 2-3 times a week.

2. Mrs. Nicklebee - 14, May 2009

Very cool, BC! So you’re getting enriched ~and~ affirmed by that radio station! 🙂

3. flyingrowan - 15, May 2009

Ahh see I’ll never have such a pleasure as all my clocks are at least 3 minutes fast. It’s supposed to help me not miss trains and things…

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