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Not so hot… 22, June 2009

Posted by babychaos in baby stuff, General Wittering, Mini Me, Small Scale Disasters.
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Wee man has a cold.  He’s had them before but this one is a real humdinger.  He is awash with snot which is a first he threw off flu in a day.  Last night he woke at 8, 10, 11.45, 12.45, 2.35, 5.00 and 6.30.  Even though we took it in turns I have never been so knackered in all my life.

I have put olbas oil round his bed, a pillow under the matress one end – fairly pointless though because he sleeps as if he’s been thrown in, rather than traditionally with his head at the head end and his feet pointing towards the bottom.  It takes about an hour and a half for his nose to fill up and then he starts to cough and wakes yelling.

He’s eating very little.

Poor little soul.

Not sure what else I can do.  Giving him paracetamol for kids to bring his temperature down and we had a nice hot bath before bed – nothing like steam to sooth the sinuses.  Tonight, so far, he’s woken at 8 so I guess he’s on the same programme.  Currently breathing down the monitor like Darth Vader.

Cancelled his music class for tomorrow.  There seem to be two schools of thought on ill kids.  The first is take them anywhere because if you kept them at home when they were ill you’d never leave the house.  The second is that it’s rude to give your germs to every one else.  I’m with group two but then I’m a stay at home mum, I’m not sending my child to nursery which seems to be a very efficient way of ensuring your child suffers from every single possible illness it can have, back to back.

Ah well, at least now I understand why the wee lad who gave it to him – who I thought seemed a bit whingy – was… well… a bit whingy!  Mini BC is a cheery little chap but even he seems to be feeling a bit sorry for himself.  Let’s hope he throws it off fast!

Ah the joys of motherhood.



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