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I’m still here… just 9, December 2009

Posted by babychaos in careers, General Wittering, writing.
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I know it’s been ages, I’m not sure if anyone’s there any more but well… I’ve been writing a book which is why I’ve been so absent… that and being a stay at home mum with no child care to speak of (parents all miles away, husband willing but employed).

So… I’m going to publish my novel myself because it fits into the box Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams fit into and everybody knows nobody will take a chance on an author like that, whatever the sales figures of the ones who’ve made it might say,unless they’re already famous for something else, or a runaway success for a small publisher or are merely writing up the popular radio and TV series as a book.

I start my quest for self-publication – or at least my quest to sell loads of e-books and then get a publisher on the back of my “proven track record” by giving away a short story to pique peoples’ interest… and get in before Christmas.

It’s free to download and it’s called “Is this Heaven?”

If anything it’s a demonstration of why I write novels… and not short stories.  But anyone who wades though it, I hope you have fun.

You can find it here.



1. liberrydwarf - 10, December 2009

We’re still here! Good to hear from you, thought you might have been furiously writing.

I’ll be reading your short story and also linking in on my blog. You know, for my billions of eager readers. *snort*. But anyway, if you’re willing, yeah I’ll do that. And I’ll let you know what I thought…

babychaos - 10, December 2009

Bless you! You are a star… it isn’t very good btw.



2. Dru - 10, December 2009

I’m also still about. Gods bless the RSS 🙂 I’ve downloaded said short story, but I’ll have to read it later, when the Cold Gnome brings my brain back. However I love both Prachett and Adams, so I’m sure this will be fab 🙂

3. flyingrowan - 11, December 2009

hello 🙂 love the illustration, i’ll give it a read. glad to hear you’re doing well,

4. liberrydwarf - 20, December 2009

Just finished – loved it, made me smile the whole way through. I LOVED the part with the little purgatory orchestra… looking forward to your novel!

babychaos - 25, December 2009

Delighted you enjoyed it. Thank you thank you!



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