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Hmm… 10, December 2009

Posted by babychaos in baby stuff, General Wittering, Life and living, Small Scale Disasters.
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Well, on a completely different note to the short story, here’s a splendid piece of BC cackery which took place, this week, in one of the few moments I wasn’t looking for my keys.

I have laberinthitis at the moment (no idea how to spell that) which just means you’ve a problem in your inner ear, too many bogies or a tiny particle in the jelly contained in your centre for balance.  The result is that some days, especially when you are getting over a cold or the like, you can feel a bit sick.

It’s not really something you can treat, in itself, but they do treat the symptoms.  I have some pills I take when it’s really dire but for the most part, I use travel sickness bands – two elasticated things with a bead which you wear round your wrist with the bead pressing the pressure point which relieves sickness.  If you respond to acupuncture they work quite well.

Naturally, when I bath junior, unless I want to wear two damp woolly things round my wrists, I am compelled to take them off.

Last night, people coming round, feeling dizzy, I fish around in my pocket and find… aaargh!  Only one.


That means the other is wrapped in the paper hankies I just threw out… and they’re in the bin… in the kitchen… with old food scrapings and… am I going to fish it out and wash it?  Sure I am.

I gingerly probe the bin.



Never mind, I will wear the one I have… hmm… but which wrist?  I hold my hands up to look and find… yes… I am already wearing the other one.

I have searched the bin for nothing.

I must have started to put them on after junior’s bath and got distracted by something.

I swear I gave birth to my brain with this baby but I did think it might come back.

Hope is fading.




1. flyingrowan - 11, December 2009

I tried to get in the bath before I’d run it the other day

2. Esther - 11, December 2009

Poor BC! I’m sure having to concentrate on the effects of labrynthitis (I had to look it up) has a little something to do with the “misplaced” band. I hope you get over your condition soon.



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