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Thank you! 13, December 2009

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Small Scale Disasters.
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Thank you all those kind people who have downloaded and agreed to wade through my short story!

Today I was mostly putting up the Christmas tree.

Got out both sets of lights.  Plugged them in and switched them on.  Working?  Check.

Put on tree.  Phaff for hours.

Switch on.

Working?  Are they buffalo?  Well ok, one is.

And which one is that?

Correct.  The one I have the spare bulbs for, naturally and which continues to work if one bulb fails.  Which one is not working?  The one I have no spare bulbs for, the one which works in the box and fails on the tree every single effin’ year and which won’t light up with a duff bulb in.


Hmm… time to buy some more lights perhaps?

All decoration now stalled until new bulbs arrive from eBay… unless I can find them in B&Q.


Never mind… on the up side… the tree is lovely and I got it for £15 – reduced from £25 in last year’s M&S January sale… it’s amazing how fast a big house, a Scottish husband and a small baby can turn a profligate woman thrifty!

The tree and the box of decorations have been sitting in the hall ready to be put up for a week.  There’s a tiny hole in the top of this box which is of extreme and I mean EXTREME interest to junior.  As I unpacked it today I found a sticklebrick and a spoon which had been posted into it in the interests of scientific discovery.

Small children are so splendidly random…



1. flyingrowan - 14, December 2009

despite your light woes, this post made me smile. loving the arsocks… i went to see a comedian this evening who talked a lot about his dog eating tinsel and pooing it out and what a palarva it is to help the process along, if you know what I mean… I hope junior doesnt get at any tinsel and that he continues to post things in the interests of sceintific discovery 🙂

babychaos - 17, December 2009

Funnily enough, there was a piece of green tinsel from the tree (yeh, it’s fake) on his chin… I await the first of tomorrow’s nappies with interest!

2. Bill Howdle - 17, December 2009

hi BC, I just read your story. I will leave you the same comment here that I did on your other blog.

I just finished reading your story. I enjoyed it throughout getting many smiles and chuckles as I went.
Based on this sample of your writing I would most definitely buy any book you may have published.
Bill Howdle

babychaos - 17, December 2009

Bless you Bill your halo is shiny, shiny, shiny!

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