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Lorks 3, March 2010

Posted by babychaos in baby stuff, Mini Me, Small Scale Disasters.
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The usual tonight… sore back caused by too much limping, day out with Mini BC and Mr BC announces that yesterday he was invited out for a curry tonight and said he’d go.  Church group arriving 7.30 pm, lunch has been fab, small sleep in car home achieved, supper and bedtime pending…

We get supper on the go but it’s slow because he has eaten a huge lunch, as well as half of mine… eventually, I realise we are going to miss the 7.00 bedtime window, he wants to finish his cake but we don’t really have time so I get him out of his chair and he laboriously carries the plate of cake up the stairs, with obvious results… yeh, I’ll have to get the carpet sweeper.

I get him undressed and remove his nappy, it’s completely clean so I put it to one side to use after his bath, during which time, he does a big wee… in the corner.


He smiles, yes, I can imagine he feels a lot better.  I put him in the bath, run downstairs and grab lots of kitchen roll and a carpet sweeper.  I get back up, check him, he’s fine, he burbles to me and I burble back as  sweep the crumbs off the stairs and clear up the wee.

I walk into the bathroom to give him a quick wash and get him out of the bath, he smiles beatifically at me, a little log floating around next to him.

I can’t help laughing at this final event in our catalogue of disasters.  I empty the bath, give him a quick wash and with much larking about, get him into a clean nappy, his jammies and bed with about one minute to spare…

Downstairs, during the silent contemplative part of the bible group meeting, he plays his wind-up twinkle-twinkle little star teddy again and again and we listen to it, via the monitor.

Life is never dull, he is so lively and full of beans.  I am a lucky, lucky bleeder and he is a cracking little boy…



1. Bill Howdle - 9, March 2010

Your post brings back such fond memories. Thank you for sharing.

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