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Understanding Todlerspeak… 5, May 2010

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Small man is beginning to talk, at length. He’s not great at intelligible sentences, although that doesn’t stop him chatting away… There are some words he can say clearly but the thing I’m enjoying at the moment is the things he says, which aren’t clear and which, by din’t of repetition, I’ve learned to understand… I’ve decided to list them here as and when I think of them.

  1. Gurdering gan – watering can
  2. Ga-gang, ga-gang – railway
  3. Ga-gang – train
  4. At aie – tractor
  5. Erdle-egan – home again
  6. Gerky Gerky – faster faster (imitating a toy car that says ‘faster faster’ and shouted, with glee, every time I overtake anything in the real one)
  7. Buggie – dummy (soother)
  8. Muggie – me, his mummy.
  9. Gigam – balloon
  10. Girdle-gan – aeroplane

He has learned what numbers are but not the actual word “numbers” so he will see one written down and shout “four, six… eleven” because he knows there’s a corrolation. If you count to three he will shout along with you “six, six, seven”… it’s brilliant.

He has learned sounds, so a clock is “bong, bong, bong, BONG!” Big Ben style, animals are the sound they make (plus the odd hand signal to make the difference between animals with similar er… calls).



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