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Things that make you proud 20, May 2010

Posted by babychaos in baby stuff, General Wittering, Mini Me, Mom, Mum, toddlers.

Mini BC pointed at my Dr Who mug today and, unprompted, shouted, “Darlick”.

I did tell him what a Dalek was – when he was about 5 months old at any rate – but I don’t remember mentioning it since. Even so, clearly it went in.



1. GeekLady - 21, May 2010

Oh, now I’m jealous. GeekBaby can say ‘zombie’ though!

babychaos - 21, May 2010

Hmm… Zombie is pretty impressive too!

2. Dru - 21, May 2010

That’s pretty damn cute 🙂 My hubby is insistent that when our (hypothetical) child reaches the age where it can type, it’s going to be coding straight away. I’m not sure how I feel about baby’s first language being BASIC instead of English….

babychaos - 21, May 2010

BASIC before English… hmm… now I have a lovely mental picture of your scion, coding at two and at five, hacking into the CIA mainframe…

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