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Fuck off! I mean it. 1, July 2010

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content.

I got some spam today from the Fascists… well… there’s a turn up. It said this…

“We are european fascists ! Fight for racial purity ! Our time begins! We are strong and can build new Reich! Join to us! We call on all people visit out sites. On them you will find information about war against system! Sieg heil fascist, nordic nazi! Adresses of our sites you can see below:  http://www.I’mnotdignifyingitwithalink.com

The Third Reich was a bollocks place to live and I’m pretty sure that the Belarussians (not sure how to describe them in the plural) were actually on the receiving end weren’t they? Is this that thing where you learn to love your kidnapper? Or are they  hoping to recreate the Reich and give themselves a really thorough kicking? – Zis time ve vill be bedder planned for ze winter.

I’d probably be more inclined to believe they had a coherent argument if they could spell.



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