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Hmm… 20, August 2010

Posted by babychaos in Art, General Wittering, Small Scale Disasters.

OK, advice (please please) people… if you’ve the time or inclination. I’ve made some pathetic attempts to draw my characters. Big Merv is not ready for public display yet but he is, at least, beginning to look a little less like Gary Newman’s older, much camper cousin. More on that story, later.

I had a go at the hero of the thing… he’s not very good either, the pencil sketch isn’t bad, it’s the pen and ink effort that’s truly terrible. I guess I’m not very good at drawing in the comic book stylee… the economy of line required doesn’t suit my style, either that or I’m failing to identify the correct lines to pick.

Even so, I was hoping to achieve somebody who looked like the lad in my head and not Cliff Richard’s gay younger brother. Hmm…

Anyway, here they are, try not to laugh…

Character from Few Are Chosen, Book 1 of the Yarthan Trilogy

Hmm… so then I thought I’d try pen and ink.

The male lead in the Yarthan Trilogy

It looks better upside down.

For some strange reason, as the caption says, it looks quite good upside down… and then I turn it the right way up and think, hmm…

Yeh, in case I needed reminding, there’s a reason why I don’t usually draw people.



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