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More Mini Man 27, August 2011

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Mini Me is now just over 3. Today we were sitting in a restaurant and they brought the pudding menu. Mr BC and I had a look at it. Mini Me grabbed one and held it up so I could see. He turned it so he could looked more closely and then held it up again , mumbling in pretence of reading it to me – he can tell which way up words are supposed to go but not actually read them.

“Thank you” I say.

“It is very boring it is just words,” he pauses for thought, “and there are no tractors.”


Babychaos… 1, August 2010

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Interesting couple of days…

Junior’s latest trick. I go to the loo, he follows me in the loo with a chair and the loveliest, most beatific of smiles. He drags the chair to just in front of me.

“I sit down.” he says and then does. He then proceeds to help himself to tiny pieces of loo paper which he posts between my legs, or behind me.

Heaven forfend that I should dare to flush without his assistance. The we wash our hands. A few days ago he forgets the chair as he’s closing the door he makes to go get it so I say, “don’t worry, we can leave it there.”

Ha pauses for thought.

“Bye-bye chair,” he says. Another pause. “Bye-by wee, Bye-bye poo,” and he shuts the door.

This morning, in church, he emptied my wallet, arranging the credit cards, receipts, books of stamps etc, across the pew. He then starts to post things through the gap between two floorboards. I have to retrieve a train ticket with the tweezers from my penknife but luckily it turns out I’ve clocked what’s happening in time and nothing else of import has gone missing.

Then there’s the grandparents, Gramma and Pappa van (because they have a camper) and Ganny and Pops well here you have to quack like a duck and blow a raspberry. I fear I’m rather eccentric to have children.

Understanding Todlerspeak… 5, May 2010

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Small man is beginning to talk, at length. He’s not great at intelligible sentences, although that doesn’t stop him chatting away… There are some words he can say clearly but the thing I’m enjoying at the moment is the things he says, which aren’t clear and which, by din’t of repetition, I’ve learned to understand… I’ve decided to list them here as and when I think of them.

  1. Gurdering gan – watering can
  2. Ga-gang, ga-gang – railway
  3. Ga-gang – train
  4. At aie – tractor
  5. Erdle-egan – home again
  6. Gerky Gerky – faster faster (imitating a toy car that says ‘faster faster’ and shouted, with glee, every time I overtake anything in the real one)
  7. Buggie – dummy (soother)
  8. Muggie – me, his mummy.
  9. Gigam – balloon
  10. Girdle-gan – aeroplane

He has learned what numbers are but not the actual word “numbers” so he will see one written down and shout “four, six… eleven” because he knows there’s a corrolation. If you count to three he will shout along with you “six, six, seven”… it’s brilliant.

He has learned sounds, so a clock is “bong, bong, bong, BONG!” Big Ben style, animals are the sound they make (plus the odd hand signal to make the difference between animals with similar er… calls).

Christmas Cards… Christmas Panic… 16, December 2009

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I have finished my Christmas cards!  I was beginning to wonder if I ever would.

They’re like Medusa’s hair.  Or at least, writing them is like trying to cut Medusa’s hair without a flaming torch.  Every time you deal with one, it feels like two pop up in it’s place…

More Babychaos… 8, April 2009

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A week ago, having finished my submission for a literary agent, honed it, toned it and generally agonised over it my Sister In-Law – who works in publishing – kindly volunteered to read it.

Seeing the enormous size of my synopsis  – it’s a complicated plot – she recommended I ring the agency I was approaching to check if they had any particular length in mind when they said “short”.

Eventually I took my courage in both hands and did.  It rang, somebody answered and before either of us could say anything Mini Me shouted.

“NANG!!!”  At the top of his voice.

There was a surprised silence.

“I’m sorry, this isn’t a prank call.  That was my son.  He’s a baby.”  I said.

Oh happy day when she laughed!  Luckily they are happy with a longer synopsis, the point is that it should be free from waffle.  If there’s lots to say, that doesn’t matter.

Phew again.