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The book has landed 6, November 2010

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Yes booyacka! The book has landed… I have sweated blood over this thing but at last it is out of my hair…

So if you want to find it here’s where to go.

E-Book of Few Are Chosen retailing at £2.50 or as near as I can get it because they all work in US$ and I don’t:

Amazon UK here
Amazon US here
Smashwords here

Paperback of Few Are Chosen retailing for £10.00:

Amazon UK here
Amazon US here
International – The Book Depository here

If you like the idea of the flying cars – er hem, sorry snurds – you can buy cards and postcards some scenes in which they feature here if you’re in the UK or here from the US and the postage to the rest of the world is probably less expensive than from here in the UK.

Amazon.co.uk is reporting a delivery time of 5 – 8 weeks at the moment but this is a lie caused by a computer glitch. They assure me they will alter the delivery estimate to reflect a more realistic timescale (despatched within 3-5 days) in the next week or so. Amazon.com is reporting despatch within 2 – 4 days and the Book Depository will despatch within 48 hours. Clearly e-book despatches are instant.

If you want to help I would be very grateful – please don’t feel forced it’s your call, you realy don’t have to. However, should you want to there are three things you can do to help float the novel.

1. You can always buy it.
2. If you like it, please say in a review on Amazon, two lines is great, two paragraphs is fantastic.
3. Click on the Amazon links I’ve given, scroll down the page to the links section and agree with the tags by putting a tick in the little box beside each one.

Oh and here are a couple of the pictures…

Lord Vernon pursues the mervinettes

Few Are Chosen, Snurd Chase

Here’s one of the hero’s wheels that’s not a porsche, it’s meant to look a bit like a variant of late 1960s Lotus.

The Pan of Hamgee's snurd

The Pan of Hamgee's snurd from Few Are Chosen by M T McGuire

Not forgetting the baddie chasing the hero too…

Lord Vernon, the evil baddy from M T McGuire's Few Are Chosen pursues The Pan of Hamgee

Lord Vernon, the evil baddy from M T McGuire's Few Are Chosen pursues The Pan of Hamgee


New Website… 16, August 2010

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Oooo excitement, excitement, excitement… I have a new website… yes, the author site has finally landed, www.hamgee.co.uk now points you to the authoring side of the force!


New E-Short 3, August 2010

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Yes, I’ve a new freebie short story for you… it’s not my best work but I was experimenting with being surreal. I like writing like that but it doesn’t always work for everyone else!

Anyway, it’s on Smashwords, here. Enjoy!

Another Freebie short story… 13, March 2010

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Yep, there’s a new freebie afoot, a short story… it’s doing better this time, over half as many downloads as the other already, in 3 hours… hmm…

Bog Man
A perfectly preserved pre-historic cadaver is discovered in the fens and brought to a Museum. For the new Director it should present a major opportunity but is it real? And if it is, how come the pre-historic ring it’s wearing also bears the marks of a local shop. And where is the Museum’s Head Electrician? If the Director doesn’t find answers soon the unthinkable may happen. In front of the world, he may look an idiot.

You can find it, here free to download…


Hoorah! 13, February 2010

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Great excitement for me today. My free e-short is now available on Barnes & Noble.  I did wonder why my Smashwords downloads had spiked – 10 over the past couple of days.

If any of you would like to take a look you can find it here.  It’s not obligatory though, because most of you have read it already.  That said, if any of you have a B&N account and want to give it a few stars or even a review (yeh pushing my luck, here, aren’t I?) I’d be hugely grateful… as well as cheeky.