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Recovering thumbs and things… 22, February 2008

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I had some art to do today but was rather worried my sore thumb would preclude me from holding a pencil. In the event, I think we’re ok. Phew, the deadline’s next Wednesday so I really do have to finish off the line drawing, at least, today.

Eventually, yesterday evening, I decided to brave a bath, hand in air, etc… Mr BC was coming home late so I put supper in the oven, ran myself a deep hot bath and sank gratefully into it. One member of the household was not content with this though. About five minutes in the bathroom door was pushed open and Mr Cat arrived.

Mr Cat has a bit of an identity problem ergo that he thinks he’s a dog. He will walk to heel, follow me or Mr BC, depending who he has chosen that day, wherever we go and generally hang out with us. He likes to be patted as well as stroked. He never shuts up and when he wants to play he bounces along beside his chosen target barking. A high-pitched (because whatever he may think he IS a cat) terrier like yip. His best game is chase the red dot played with a laser pointer although anything that gets him attention is just peachy and yes, when we first got him, he would retrieve.

He’s a rescue cat, so we don’t really know how old he is, somewhere between 12 and 14 now and to put it politely, he’s a bit of a spacker. He’s incredibly bossy and has a sense of humour. When we first took him on, he was afraid to let us touch him so he acted the fool, dashing about, behaving like a complete idiot and making us laugh.

Mr Cat knew I was in the bath but he couldn’t see me. This clearly annoyed him and made him feel excluded so he set out to get my attention.

He tried drinking from the shower but as it hadn’t been used the tasty pool of soapy water he likes to lap up, if he’s given the opportunity, was not there. Lots of chirruping and general chat ensued as he wandered round the bath. He dragged the bathmat out into the hall where he disembowelled it energetically. That kept him busy for a minute or two.

I pushed the door closed again. It opened almost immediately and I knew that Mr Cat was back in the building… a face with a paw each side appeared at the end of the bath for a second or two and disappeared. A few seconds later, on the other side of the bath, further up, the face appeared again.

Behind my head was a chair, which I’d put there so my towel and water bottle were at hand. A large crash startled me as Mr Spanner Cat landed in it clumsily. I’m sure some cats are really dainty but ours isn’t, he often gets it wrong and falls off things. He sniffed my bottle of water but it had a lid! Ha! He couldn’t slubber on any of the bits where my mouth goes.

He pulled my towel off the back of the chair and had a good go at killing it. Never mind, it was keeping him quiet, I reasoned so I reclined happily in the water reading my book. There is a brief watery plipping noise. Out of the corner of my eye I realised Mr Cat was leaning, pointy eared, into the bath dabbling one hand into the water.

I have him a look.

He stopped.

I return to my book and the dabbling noise started up again, only this time I felt a furry front leg against my back as he tried to get to the water behind me. Another few minutes of this I reckoned and he would be trying to climb onto my head. With a sigh I got out of the bath, ushered Mr Cat into the hall, shut and locked the door. He sat outside and howled until I emerged.

He is quite mad.

I am now sitting in bed typing up his exploits before I get out and tackle the day. He wants me to go and groom him (I’m only allowed to do this while he eats his breakfast). He’s hungry because he’s not going to eat his breakfast alone if he can successfully nag me into grooming him while he eats so for the moment he’ll wait and nag… and wait… He has just walked across my keyboard for the 5th time.

Here is what he says.

It’s probably a swear word.

Here are some photos of Mr Cat in action.

Butter wouldn’t melt…

Butter Wouldn’t Melt

Provide a cat with a number of lovely spots to sit in around the house and garden and you can guarantee he will ignore them all, especially when Mr BC is all nice and warm. Mr BC works from home, often with this kind of assistance.

Back warmer

Mr Cat is a keen gardener.

Mr Cat is a Keen Gardener.

The cork floor tiles make Hannah Barbera style skids and cornering a doddle and although he’s 12 Mr Cat is no more mature than anyone else in the house. He likes to play.

Gumbee cat waiting to pounce

He doesn’t like thunder storms, if we have one, he shows us how to put a very large cat into a very small space… like this.

A very large cat in a very small space.