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Free Electricity! 29, January 2008

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Yep, it’s out there. Here’s how.

If you stroke a cat 70 million times you will wear out its fur.

You will also create enough static electricity to power a light bulb for one minute. Don’t try this at home though, kids, because remember, you’ll wear out its fur. It won’t thank you if it ends up looking like Mr Bigglesworth.

Thank you Radio 2 for this piece of mindless trivia!


Loony pets and more 13, November 2007

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Last night Mr BC and I are watching TV after dinner when the cat walks in. Being long haired he sometimes sits up on his hind legs and kind of shakes, to get all those long strands comfortable. It might be a vanity thing. The cat version of the way women in adverts for hair care products are pathologically unable to keep their heads still. He walks under the coffee table and decides this is the perfect place to stand up and shake down. There is a loud bong as he smacks his head on the glass above him and he walks away nonchalantly, trying to pretend nothing embarrassing has happened.

Mr BC and I chuckle.

I am sick as a dog today but I haven’t been to my belly dancing class for about 5 weeks so I really have to drag myself down there. Only a couple to go though, I reckon. I’ll need to cook a chilli first. Mr BC is so overloaded with work and it’s not fair othewise…

On the upside, the novel is going well. I have one scene pretty much in my head ready to write down but it’s the preceding one I have been working on today. It has gone very much better than I expected. I thought the other one would get in the way. Lots to go, it’s a big key scene so I have to do it right. I’ve really enjoyed writing it though. Even better, the writers group is round tomorrow so I’ll have something new to read. Smashing.

I also have a couple of art commissions, one cobbled together from library images the second a full on 7 letter name. I may have to try and get that on A4 though because the sister’s is and a bigger pic for brother would not be tactful, I fear.

So… it’s all go.